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We give top priority to customer satisfaction, in respect to quality, price, scheduled delivery and services. Some of our unique strengths that keep us ahead of all our competitors are:


We use superior quality fabrics supplied from some of the renowned and leading manufacturers of spread across the country. We mix fabrics of all shades and color to supply diverse range of ready-made garments with assured quality of final product.


Cutting of fabrics in our factories is done with fully computerized machines as well as traditional hand machine cutters, to supply an exemplary combination of conventional and contemporary designs


Our factories use the latest and advanced computerized sewing machines from best known brands.


Each sewing line has its own quality control divisions. The company relies on total quality control management for all stages to ensure sewing quality, size, specifications and accessories required.


Ironing and packaging are done by using fully automatic steam suction ironing tables, enabling perfect ironing and avoiding residual moisture in garments. During packaging a final quality check is performed, after which the garments are packed assuring secure and safe transit of goods to various parts of the world.

Customized Products

We design products as per the specifications and requirements of our valued clients and as per the demands of the market. We supply most trendy and latest worn garments with perfect coalition of style, look, fashion, color, pattern and trend.